With the wide usage network offered by MetropolCard, it is a service that you can use at many points such as food, clothing, local markets, hotels, online platform and more!

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The privileged world of MetropolCard awaits you for innovative solutions where you can reduce the costs of your travel and gain serious advantages from your expenses. The most special solutions for tourists, from food and textile expenses to accommodation needs, without any limit are right next to you with the advantages of MetropolCard!

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We Love Good Coffee

Coffee varieties suitable for every mode of the day are waiting for
you at MetropolCard contracted coffee shops!

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Enjoy shopping with the wide usage clothing network offered by MetropolCard!

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MetropolCard continues its activities with more than 50000 member workplaces. In addition, it provides advantages to its users in grocery shopping with the most widespread local market network in Turkey. It creates advantageous usage opportunities with MetropolCard.

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