PersysTV is 24/7 free TV and VOD that focuses on fashion, beauty, art, entertainment and luxury lifestyle.

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Persys is an independent entertainment TV stations. By using Cloud-Base streaming technologies, our TV channels were established to produce fashion, art and entertainment programs for our audiences.
At PersysTV channels, you can watch Ready-to-Wear, Haute Couture, Fashion Shows, Lingerie, Swimwear, Fashion Weeks, Top Models, Top Brands, Designers, Stylists, Photographers, Beauty, Luxury Lifestyle and Art programs. You can also watch live TV with over 300 channels to choose from with Persys. Audience participation in all of our programming is our most important value.

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Our app includes special features too, including notifications and alerts, when we publish new content that matches your interest, and share features, which allow you to share videos via email, text or social media.
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