PERSYS founded in 2022, it’s headquartered in Istanbul-Turkey.

We believe in the future. It’s an understanding that, with the right mind-set, we can make the future better by what we do today. So we challenge ourselves to innovate, experiment and evolve, to create a better and happier future for smart society.

Our multi businesses span FinTech, Digital Commerce and Communications will bring the joy of discovery to our members across the target countries. Our mission is to be the market of choice; a trusted brand providing high-tech solutions for digital transformation and cyber projects.

Creating Strategic Alliance Dynamism (SAD) with banks, mobile network operators (MNO), mobile virtual network operators (MVNO), payment system providers and loyalty clubs in target markets. Strategic alliance dynamism have been seen as an important part of sustainable development plan for our market capacity. We will have entered into strategic partnerships with our business partners in order to offer the our services to their customers. Strategic alliances are a prominent phenomenon in the global economy among multinational companies (MNCs) and between companies in developing countries too. Based on B2B2C marketing model, the major banks, MNOs, MVNOs, PSPs and loyalty clubs in the Persys target countries have their own customers and can directly provide and promote our services to them through value added services (VAS). It also offers new services to the business partners clients over other competitors.